Hi! I'm Judy! I've been a tour guide in Alaska since 2010 and before that, I worked in the Alaskan souvenir business selling Ulu knives, smoked salmon, etc.  I've always loved to travel and be a tourist myself and I think this helps me provide excellent customer service to my tour groups.

My favorite part of the tours we provide is the stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Through the years I've become friends with some of the staff there and have learned a lot of the back stories about the animals (that's the info they don't post on the signs). It's fun to share something unique with my group that none of the other tour companies know! Hope to see you in my tour group someday!



I've been giving guided tours in Alaska since 2008 and have found it to be the most fun and interesting employment I have had.  Although originally from Texas, I've found the great state of Alaska to be a beautiful place to live with many outdoor activities to enjoy with my wife and five children like fishing, hiking, camping, and rafting.  It is a great pleasure to share my knowledge of Alaska with visitors from around the world!



Alaska is a unique place that continually impresses me with the magnitude of its’ beauty.  I’m a transplant here, but teaching people to ski in the winter and giving tours in the summer has placed many of Alaska’s qualities into sharper relief through sharing this place with people from all over the world. 





I'm a 50-year Alaskan with experience guiding on the Gold Rush Trail of 1898. I will combine tall tales of the Soapy Smith era with up-to-date reflections on the our beautiful state and help you make beautiful photos as well. Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the great State of Alaska! I First arrived into Alaska December 2010 to a cold dark beautiful country. I've been living up here ever since. The great expanses of wildernesses, the abundance of wildlife, and the spectacular mountains quickly make one think "wow this place is awesome!" After acclimating to our extreme light cycles and temperatures one finds beauty (freezing cold beauty) :) Every corner of our state contains adventure. I am most blessed to have been able to mountain climb and camp in numerous Alaska locations. We are so big though that there are many adventures yet to come! We are a large state with few people and you will find Alaskans happy to engage in conversations about their passions. Stories of moose and bear sightings are a daily thing and of course, I have plenty. Just ask any questions and our knowledgeable drivers will tell you a spellbinding tale...


I came to Alaska 25 years ago to work in Homer for a summer commercial fishing and Alaska hooked me! I have guided for 25 summers, working at 6 wilderness lodges, Chenik Brown Bear Photography Camp,  Denali National Park and for various companies driving Tour buses across the state.  My formal education is in the natural sciences and I spend my winters working at the University of Alaska and volunteering at the Anchorage Museum and for the Anchorage Concert Association



Master storyteller, tour guide extraordinaire and 90% honest guy, Jim.  He is a long time Alaskan that chose to move here in 2002 from Iowa.  He's lived all over the state and has had many adventures that give his stories a unique perspective. 

Jim is an Air Force veteran where he fixed areal refuelers and traveled all over the world.  He is also a father of 7 children and 1 grandson.   Ask about his grandson and he will will talk about his grandson, ask about his children and he will tell you about his grandson.  Jim also is an avid performer at a local community theater so it's for sure he likes to ham it up.  All of the stories he tells are 90% true and that's the honest truth!

For an experience you will never forget ride with Jim.